Served daily between 10AM until 10PM

Combo Deals

Kings Combo

CKT Combo

Trio Combo

Chinta Combo

Signature Dishes

Flat rice noodles stir-fried with special soy sauce, chili paste & eggs. Topped with chives & bean sprout

Char Kuey Teow Special

Topped with fresh prawn & cockles

Char Kuey Teow Grilled Chicken

Topped with tender grilled chicken breast

Char Kuey Teow Lamb

Topped with perfect marinated lamb chop

Char Kuey Teow Beef

Topped with well-cooked beef steak

Char Kuey Teow Calamari

Topped with giant deep-fried calamari

Special Feast

Chicken Whole Leg

1/4 juicy fried chicken served with golden french fries, chilli sauce & mayonnaise

Crispy Chicken Burger

Crispy chicken topped with cheddar cheese, tomato & lettuce

Roti John Crispy Chicken

Fried french loaf, topping with slices of crispy chicken, tomato, lettuce & egg


Mineral Water


100 Plus


Soy Bean Milk

Ice Lemon Tea